Income from sold and rented pixels goes to your balance within the contract.

Every excess funds you send to buy or rent functions are returned to your balance as well.

1. Check your balance

  • In contract interface select balances function (in some wallets may appear under Read section or similar).
  • Paste your address.
  • Click Read (you are not paying any gas here).

Your balance will be displayed in wei (Ether unit converter).

2. Withdraw

  • In contract interface select withdraw function (in some wallets may appear under Write section or similar).

  • Select your wallet and click Write.

    Amount to Send

    0 (do not send any ether)

    Gas Limit

    Should be calculated automatically.

  • Click Generate transaction, then Yes, I am sure! Make transaction and wait until it is mined.


After a while (depending on block mining speed) you should be able to see your funds in your wallet.