Video instructions - place ads (3:12)

Currently all images need to be uploaded to It is free and easy to use.

1. Upload your image to

  • Go to and drag and drop your image to the website or click New post.


Please upload images with width and height corresponding to the pixels you bought otherwise cropping will occur (e.g. if you bought blocks from [1:1] to [1:2], upload two 10x10 px images or one 10x20 px image).

  • Hover over the image, right-click and select Copy image location. You need a direct link - the one which ends with .jpg or .png.

2. Make sure you can place ads

You can only place ads if own or rent area. If you own an area, but rented it out to somebody, you’ll have to wait until rent expires to be able to place images.

  • In contract interface select canAdvertise function (in some wallets may appear under Read section or similar).
  • Specify coordinates you would like to check.
  • Click Read (you are not paying any gas here).

You should see True response, meaning that you can place ads within specified area.


3. Place ads

  • In contract interface select placeAds function (in some wallets may appear under Write section or similar).

  • Specify function parameters:

    fromX, fromY, toX, toY:

    coordinates to place image to. If you would like to place only one 10x10 pixels image, type the same from and to coordinates (e.g. From x 1, From y 2, To x 1, To y 2).


    paste your imgur image link from the previous step (other links will be accepted, but will not appear at


    your website address. Internationalized domain names (chinese, russian, greek, etc.) are not supported. See advertising policies.


    put your 140 character ad text which will appear when somebody hovers over your ad. Use Twitter or to measure length (longer ad text appear truncated)


In this example an ad occupying 2 blocks (10x20 pixels) is submitted.

  • Select your wallet and click Write.

    Amount to Send

    0 (do not send any ether)

    Gas Limit

    Should be calculated automatically.

  • Click Generate transaction, sign it, send it and wait until it is mined.



If Gas Limit box remains highlighted in red do not send the transaction and check the coordinates.

Next steps:

In a couple of minutes your ad will appear at If something goes wrong, error warning and further instructions will be shown instead of your text.

You are free to replace your image anytime you like.