Now paused!

Both 2016 and 2018 versions are now paused. Exploring the possibility of switching back to 2016 version, which seems a more valuable artifact. If there’s a meaningful way back all blocks bought in 2018 will be transferred back into the past. Stay tuned. is a decentralized advertising platform based on Ethereum blockchain.


Main features

  1. A 1000x1000 pixel field is displayed at
  2. Buy, sell, rent or rent out pixels and place ads within owned or rented area.
  3. Price doubles every 10% of pixels sold. Starting price is $1 per 10x10 pixel block.
  4. 80% of initial sale income goes to charity.
  5. A 10x10 pixel block is immutable ERC721 token.

Interaction with the platform is done through MillionEther smart contract sitting in the Ethereum blockchain. is just the representation (one of many possible) of what is happening in the smart contract.

More on smart contracts

Buy pixels

Pixels are available in 10x10 pixel blocks at initial sale (USD price doubles every 10% of pixels sold). Pixels are also available from owners willing to sell. Owners define their own price in ETH. Once you buy an area of blocks, you can put an ad (image with a link and description) within that area, rent it out or sell it when the price goes up.


The pixel price doubles every 10% of pixels sold. This allows investment opportunities and rewards early birds.

How to buy pixels

Sell pixels

If you own an area you can sell it for any price (in ETH). If you buy pixels early you can have significant profit selling them later with no fees applied.

How to sell pixels

Rent out pixels

If you own an area you can rent it out for any price per period (in ETH). One period is 24 hours. Renters will be able to place (and replace) their ads within rented area.

How to rent out pixels

Rent pixels

If an area of blocks is available for rent, you can rent this area for a specified number of 24-hour periods. You can place (and replace) your ads within rented area until rent is up. Until payed rent period is over even area owner cannot replace your ad.

How to rent pixels

Place ads

An ad is an image with description and a link to your website. You can place as many images as you can fit within owned area. You can also replace images unlimited number of times. Description is 140 characters long.

How to place ads

Manage ERC721 Tokens

Every 10x10 pixles block is a ERC-721 token. All standard ERC-721 methods can be applied to it.