Older version

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The previous version of TheMillionEtherHomepage smart contract is at this address (todo-link). Documentation is available by choosing million-ether-homepage-1 version of this docs. The source files (.rst) are in the million-ether-homepage-1 branch of this repo (todo-link)

The main reason to terminate the previous version is that it was priced in Ether. It was launched when Ethereum price was around $8. It has the same price doubling curve, but it starts with 1 ETH. Hardly anyone would buy a 10x10 pixel block at that cost (unless ETHUSD drops significantly - let’s hope it won’t).

Importing blocks

There were some sales and some ads were placed though. All block ownership was imported to TheMillionEtherHomepage 2 prior to launch through this function (todo link). Ads ids were incremented accordingly as well.


Previous version is a charity project as well. All earned charity funds were transfered to Giveth.io (todo link).

Current state

The smart contract still accepts transactions. No more sales though if they occur will be imported to the new version.

There is currently no representation of the smart contract state in the web. TheMillionEtherHomepage.com (todo link) now represents only new version (link). But anyone can do their own representation using this software (todo link).